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Our Goal

Vocational training in Africa is a challenge. Our goals are specific but our program will need to have the ability to adapt to be successful. Seven Loaves Project is a grassroots project to help train the art and vocation of baking bread and creating small business. Seven Loaves Project will provide a training program, training facility and also provide green, energy efficient ovens to communities and/or individuals.


The communities or individual properties in which the ovens will be built are chosen on the basis of need. The recommendation process is handled directly with volunteers of our organization and an evaluation of the property/community will be done. Seven Loaves Project provides all training and oven construction at no costs to the property owner or community. Seven Loaves Project also monitors the success of each location and provides on-going support and consultation.

Funds for this program will be generated through donations to the Seven Loaves Project. Our goals are simple: to build, teach, support and assist in any way possible to ensure that the people of Rwanda or other impoverished countries have the tools to help themselves.

The first training center was built at the Marian Foundation Center in Kibeho, Rwanda and is successfully baking & selling products six days per week.



We have other areas that we are concentrating on that include, in no particular order:


Agahozo Shalom Youth Village

Agahozo Shalom Youth Village

Located in the eastern part of Rwanda is a residential community housing youth who were orphaned durning and after the genocide of 1994. The Seven Loaves Project is creating a bakery and culinary technical program for the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village giving students the basic skills and knowledge to move forward in a career in the hospitality industry.



Cultural Arts Center

Cultural Arts Center Rwanda

The Seven Loaves Project has purchased land in Kabuga Rwanda. This property sits on the outskirts of Kigali. We will create a village and a bakery/restaurant to give young Rwandans an opportunity to practice their art including culinary, music, sculpture and other fine artwork.



Lugolole, Uganda

The Seven Loaves Project has been working closely with Kathe Kexel, a retired RN, who divides her time living in Uganda and the US. Representing the Hope Institute of Uganda, they partnered with a local hospital to provide medical needs to hundreds of people who could not otherwise afford it. The hospital administrator has offered property that the hospital owns as a site for a bakery. This location is in the district of Mayuge with a population of approx. 480,000 people, many of whom are sustenance farmers.

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Red Brick Project



Northern Uganda

The Pader Orphans Caring Project is a village of refuge for children traumatized by conflict war, orphans, former child soldiers and members of displaced families. Richard Akena is responsible for hundreds of children living in this village. The needs of this community are far greater than anything we have seen so far.



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